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Are you ready to take your business, career, or personal life to the next level? Nelson Tressler’s workshops are designed to empower you with the tools and strategies you need to overcome adversity, achieve your goals, and create your own luck. Drawing on his incredible life story, Nelson shares the invaluable insights he’s gained from overcoming extreme adversity to become a top-producing real estate professional and successful entrepreneur. With his wealth of experience and passion for helping others achieve their dreams, Nelson’s workshops will inspire, motivate, and equip you to reach new heights of success.

Leadership is not confined to a title; it’s a mindset. It’s about taking ownership, inspiring trust, and leading by example.

Workshop Topics


Overcoming Adversity and Achieving the Life You Desire, Regardless of Your Starting Point

Learn from Nelson Tressler’s remarkable life story as he guides your team towards overcoming obstacles and reaching their full potential. Discover the strategies and mindset shifts needed to break free from limitations and create a life of abundance and fulfillment.

Creating Your Own Luck: Embrace 15 Philosophies that Turn You into the Luckiest Person on the Planet

Discover how Nelson Tressler’s powerful philosophies can revolutionize your business’s approach to luck and success. By implementing these proven techniques, your team will unlock a new level of resourcefulness and opportunity, leading to unparalleled growth and prosperity.

From Victim to Victorious: Empowering Strategies to Become the Hero of Your Own Story

Equip your employees with the tools to transform challenges into triumphs. Nelson Tressler’s empowering strategies will inspire your team to take control of their narratives, conquer adversity, and emerge victorious in both their personal and professional lives.


Underpinning Nelson Tressler’s mission to change lives one person, one goal at a time is his visionary company, IGOTSMARTER. Drawing on over 25 years of invaluable life lessons from his incredible “murder to millions” journey, IGOTSMARTER applies Nelson’s philosophies, goal-setting techniques, and personal development strategies to drive personal and professional success.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have Nelson Tressler ignite the passion and drive within your organization. Book his workshops today and witness the transformative impact that Nelson’s expertise can bring to your business.

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